Living in Anticipation

This isn’t a recent observation for me but just something I feel like I should write down finally. I feel like too many people are living in anticipation all the time. It can be something as soon as the weekend or something a bit farther like the holidays but most people seem not to enjoy day to day life and rather just wait for this magic time when everything is better. I feel like that’s a horrible way to live.

You should enjoy everyday instead of spending 5 of the 7 days of the week looking forward to just 2. What if your weekend sucks? 5 days of anticipation for nothing. If you enjoyed your week – by finding a hobby or activity to do then only the weekend would be bad and even less so because happiness is just relative after all. Instead of swinging back and forth maybe we should strive to make the graph a bit flatter. Then just raise our general happiness overall.

In this day and age when our lives seem even more monotonous then before it’s even more important to find things to make the daily grind more then just bearable – it should be enjoyable. Small variations everyday. Listen to that album you’ve always meant to but never got around to it. Come home and cook something different. Experiment with new spices. Take a different route to work. Read a magazine you normally wouldn’t. Go volunteer after work/class.

Look forward to everyday. Look forward to every hour. Stop living life waiting for it to be better. Make it better now. Not after work. Not this weekend. Now. Just change your mind about your mood. Fake it if you have too. Fake it till you don’t know any other way. If nothing else – just smile.

//This is an older post from my wordpress site and it seems relevant even today.

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