Dynamic Type Reference - iOS

There are a lot of resources out there for how to get started with Dynamic Type Sizes in iOS such as Apple, Big Nerd Ranch, Natasha, and libraries like Gliphy. This is more of a reference for myself when using the preferredFont(forTextStyle: ).pointSize for adjusting custom fonts.

These sizes were all the “default” settings on iOS when resetting a simulator.

TextStyle Family Weight Style Size
.title1 SFUIDisplay-Light normal normal 28
.title2 SFUIDisplay normal normal 22
.title3 SFUIDisplay normal normal 20
.headline SFUIText-Semibold bold normal 17
.subheadline SFUIText normal normal 15
.body SFUIText normal normal 17
.callout SFUIText normal normal 16
.footnote SFUIText normal normal 13
.caption1 SFUIText normal normal 12
.caption2 SFUIText normal normal 11

So lets say your main title style calls for a font of size 40 but you want it to scale with the user’s preferred sizes - you could just take preferredFont(forTextStyle: .title3).pointSize and multiple it by 2.

Make your designer happy and make your users happy all while being accessible.

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